About Me

I’m Sathya Prakash, a graduate student at Chalmers. During the day i work on my thesis at Volvo Group ATR and by night fall i work as a Software Engineer for TradeHero, the job i literally hacked my way through. During the weekends i work on some cool research with Asst Prof. Magnus Almgren and Vincenzo Gulisano. Recently, I’ve took upon a new hobby of writing wickedly malicious tools/snippets. Yeah, you guessed it right, i really don’t have a life.

I entered the security scene in the late 2000’s. It all started with programming a Proxy Ripper to bypass the firewall restriction in my hostel, My first significant achievement was with a little bit of help from my friends kabilan, Varun and Venky, I was able to dissect a broadband router cum modem and publish the results as a whitepaper on packetstorm[1].

I blog here. Security folks, click here.

You can also find me on Twitter / LinkedIn or email me at base64.decode(“bWVAYm9yaXMuaW4=”)

[1] I know my grammar in that whitepaper is worse, it is almost 4 years old. My communication skills has evolved a lot since then. 🙂