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Involuntary learning

Learning is a thought process, believe it or not every one learns something every day in one way or the other. I remember reading somewhere in a reddit discussion in which there was a comment stating that the best and the practical way to learn is to learn from your friends. I just stumbled upon it and thought for a while to recall what all the things which i’ve learnt myself from my friends without knowing that i was learning and decided to blog it, may be it would be funnier to read after few years.

Naveen: He was my classmate from 9th grade to 12th,  He was the class dobber topper at that time. I would recall a punch dialogue from the Hari’s flick saamy ” போலீஸ் காரனுக்கு நு ஒரு திமுரு இருக்கனும் “,  Similar to this punch, he utilized what all the privileges he had to the fullest.

Niranjan: He was also my class mate and he had the confidence and courage to show his middle finger to  Naveen (Mhh, well, not literally)  while every one succumbed to Naveen’s authority.

Kabilan: He was my roomie during my Freshman year, the best thing which i found in him was,  he sorts his desire very well, in other words he remains in total control of his desire. He chooses which one to give up and which to never give up.

Varun: He was my கூட்டாளி for the last 5 years,  The best thing in him is that, that that smile, that smile which he would sport casually whatever the situation is. He would smile when the teacher praises him and even when the teacher says GTFO of here. Every one would call him as “Maddy”, he thinks they are trolling him, but seriously they aren’t!.

Venky: கூட்டாளி again, he was and is the family guy in our gang. Family guy is the word used in recent times to indicate that one is in some sort of deep relationship, but that’s not what i intended to mean. he is a family guy literally. He is that son, that every parent wishes to have. He works hard for his family to keep their business running.  The last time when i went out to buy groceries for my house was when i was in my trousers and had no sign of a moustache in my face.

Naresh: கூட்டாளி number 3, yet again a family guy, never disobeys or objects his parents, works his arse off if you say there is going to be a exam tomorrow 😛 and would recharge your mobile for free if you are a, are a…. well, i don’t want my bones broken.

Vignesh: Cousin/Brother/Friend, While i was watching Cartoon Network, he watched Discovery and NGC, While i was seeing random Tamil comedies, he saw NDTV.  If you start a conversation about anything, anything, anything with him, he would have at least a word or a huge summary to speak about that particular thing. The best part is yet to come, if you ask about something to him, he simply wouldn’t say i don’t know, he knows everything somehow :D, guess what, he eats Wikipedia for lunch.

Pretty good amount of skills learnt through involuntary learning, Not bad.