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The Internship

If you are looking for a heads up review about the upcoming movie ‘The Internship‘ then you are probably in the wrong place, but i wouldn’t force you to skip reading this post. This post is rather a dramatical one, a collection of events that happened during the last couple of days in my life, which led to a Summer Internship offer.

Winter break of 2012-13: I was looking for a online stock market simulation game, like the good old rediff money to practice my trading skills, but had no luck in finding one, most of them were paid ones and the rest were absolute BS.

Early March 2013: Vignesh’s facebook feed showed something interesting, he was using an iPhone app, which was exactly the one i was looking for. what to say, ‘like minds think alike’.

Early March 2013: I made some wise investments and already started reaping out profits, had almost a constant 3% ROI.

Mid March: Thanks to my third quarter examinations which coincided with Cyprus’s credit rating getting downgraded to crap, i was not online for a couple of days till my exams got over and guess what, every stock i had suffered a 7-10% loss. Vignesh made a smart move to sell them when they started to fall and decreased his loss ratio, but i crossed beyond that point and made almost a 2K$ loss in a week.

27th March (whatsapp conversation):
Vignesh: Flaw with ———-
Vignesh: I found one
Me: To change the values?
Vignesh: 28% Increase
Me: How come?
Vignesh: It showed 14% when i was about to sell but after selling it showed a 28% increase
Vignesh: Probably because of bad internet at college

28th March: I started to pentest the application, had a breakthrough the first day, but wasn’t able to exploit anything.

29th March – 2nd April: Was hanging out with Sathya anna and his TCS folks at Gothenburg, i was explaining about my area of interest in security to kaushik, who happened to be a program manager/consultant in TCS and suddenly an idea to exploit the app sparked in my mind.

2nd April: Successfully exploited the app and had an ROI of 432% 😛

3rd April: Contacted the Lead developer of that app to report security problems

3rd April: Received a e-mail from CTO of that company thanking for reporting it and a possible employment offer

3rd April: I showed interest in working with them.

3rd April: I was asked to take a ACM-ICPC style programming test which i took the same day mid night

4th April: Skype Interview with the CTO and a formal contract was offered.

Credit goes to Vignesh, if it wasn’t him i would have never used this awesome application and if it wasn’t his whatsapp message, perhaps i would have never thought about testing it for flaws.