Monthly Archives: May 2011

Being (Un)Productive

Its been a long time ! yes,  i’ve become lazy nowadays. A typical day cycle of mine starts with

  • waking up at 10am
  • Break Fast at 10:30am
  • Playing Games and Refreshing Reddit till 1pm
  • Lunch at 1:30pm
  • Watching some random movie till 5pm
  • Playing Games, Refreshing Reddit, Facebook, Twitter,SMS till 9pm
  • Dinner at 9:30pm
  • Good Nite at 10:30pm

There were times when i was coding even while eating [ thanks to KPP of  Kurukshetra 2010] and remained fully occupied, but these summer holidays and a joboffer made me lazy, i feel like i’m in a hibernate mode. so let me kick this out; i need to do something take my mind off from this hibernate cycle. so im gonna start something which i’ve been thinking for a long while [during Design of Electrical Apparatus lecture classes] Facebook Application Developement.

I’ve been going through the documentation of Facebook PHP API’s and FBML from this morning,  i’ll keep you posted about my first Facebook app  !!