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90 days of Summer

No, not a sequel of the movie ‘500 Days of Summer’. This is about my 3 month long internship at TradeHero.

I peaked my productivity chart once again after a very very long time (read, after 3 years). The last time i was this productive, was during my 3rd year at college. It all started with a long travel on 28th May, 2013 from Göteborg to Singapore via Köpenham and Zurich.

I reached Singapore on 29th and navigated myself to the booked accommodation at Jalan Bukit Merah. 30th May was my first day at TradeHero. Ajay was the first one i met, he introduced me to Abert, Tho, Arup, Brendon and every one else. Julien, Dominic, Gary and Maddy were at the conference room when i came in.  After meeting every one, Julien and Maddy helped me to set up the dev environment.

The thing i like more about TradeHero is, they are a lot like Facebook. They have very high goals and they move very fast. It was my first day and by after noon, i was asked to design a permanent solution for the bug i found before i joined and i had to explain it on the White Board, which i duly did.  Arup had some questions on the security of the Algorithm which was answered by me and Dominic (The CTO) gave the go.

I was a lot less productive during my first week, thanks to my addiction to vi and nano, that was the first time i used a proper IDE on a windows platform after VB6. I got up to a very slow start, .aspx, C# everything were new to me. If you know me, you would have known that i was more of a C/C++/Python/php/Linux/Apache/AWS guy. But the dev environment at TradeHero was like, C#/ Server/Azure, It was a sharp learning curve and i’m really happy about picking up a couple of languages over the summer.

A couple of weeks onto my internship, i was already peaking my all time commit levels, i reached my  longest 8 day streak and when people ask me how did my internship go, i show them this

That’s 31,527 lines of code and 62 commits, i think that qualifies my internship experience to be mentioned in some sort of superlative tense.

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A cheap phone, that isn’t cheap!

If you happen to read my previous post, you would know how sorry i am. Yes, strategy gone wrong. The first mistake i did, was to misread the price of iPhone 5C. I thought it would be sold at 25K, but apparently AAPL decided to sell it at 40K. Yes, 40 frickin thousand rupees for a plastic phone.

I can’t believe apple failed to do a proper market research on what a ‘Cheaper price’ means in emerging markets.  Why would someone buy a plastic iPhone 5C for 40K, when they could go for a iPhone 4S which is sold at 29K. I still stand by my original hypothesis; had apple made a real low cost iPhone at 20K, even if they made it less powerful than the iPhone 5S, Indian markets would have gone crazy for it.

So, the trading lesson learnt from this incident is, ‘ Buy on rumor and sell on news, if the news is not what the rumor was (in a negative way) ‘


This time i put my tech knowledge in combination with my recently acquired love for economics and bought 50 Shares of AAPL on TradeHero. I bought them a couple of weeks before, for 495.39$. My intuition said that, Since now a cheap iPhone 5C is almost certain (going by the rumors), it will boost their sales in emerging markets like India and China. The rumored price point seems to be around 450$, which roughly translates to 24K INR. Which is pretty much affordable, when compared to the previously 45K Rs priced iPhones. Right now, the AAPL is hovering around 505$, lets see how much does it increases after tomorrow’s official Apple Event.

Quora’s anonymous answers and Facebook Graph Search

The reason for providing an Anonymous answering functionality is to prevent someone from tracing the answer back to you (perhaps to prevent a flame war or you getting fired or God knows what could happen). But if you give reasonable information in your anonymously written answer, which in combination with your  badly configured Facebook profile, can be quite lethal to you.

Let us take this answer for an example. From the question and the answer, anyone can understand that the OP was a student at College of Engineering, Guindy, An ex-employee at Voltas and a current student at North Carolina State University.

The below mentioned Facebook Graph Search query seems to pick the right individual

People who studied at College of Engineering, Guindy and worked at Voltas and study at North Carolina State University

It is evident that people are not quite aware of their involuntary privacy leak through their Facebook profile, there is no reason why you have to make all these information about your grad school, previous employers; public. People may say, it helps their lost friends to get back in touch with them, which i agree, but at what cost?

Facebook Graph Search is a two edged sword that can be quite useful as it was to me when i used it to reunite with a family friend after nearly 14 years of no contact and also be equally dangerous as in the anonymous poster’s case!

ps: This post has nothing to do with my recent outrage against CEG. Infact, i agree with the OPs answer 🙂