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Did i adequately answer your condescending question?

I recently came across this post in the interwebs where the OP makes some baseless claims which calls for this rage filled blog post.

The OP seems to be a graduate of CEG and ISB, in his post he talks about branding CEG and preventing the contamination of the name Anna University by Affiliated Colleges’s Students. The reason which he states for branding CEG is one of the stupidest thing i ever read this year. I’m quoting the OP from his original post and this is almost the same reply which i left as a comment in his blog which i think will never get published.

Truth be told, there is a widespread and rampant abuse of the Anna University brand wherein both current and past students of private engineering colleges claim themselves to be Anna Univ alumni.

As a alumni of a affiliated college, i can assure you that my degree does not has a single reference to my college name. So when i go for an interview or write a SoP, i mention myself as an Anna University graduate (because my fucking degree says so)

Fyi, the issue is very serious now as we have come to know of people who are claiming jobs, getting admission in to IIMs and US universities misusing the Anna University brand.

This, This, leave the job part aside for a while. Seriously i have no idea how one would be admitted to an IIM without taking the damn CAT + clearing the Panel Interview; just by mentioning that you are an alumni of Anna University. Do not even speak about US universities, To make it to the Elite schools, no matter where you come from you ought to have at least a couple of publications, To get into Tier 1 and Tier 2, a good/decent GRE with a good profile is needed. Tier 3 and below cares least about where ever the fuck you studied, they just want you to pay the fees to them. So, you think affiliated college students who got into IIMs or US universities cheated their way in by saying they are alumni of prestigious ‘Anna University’. LÖL!

While we want to standout as smart individuals beyond whatever college we studied in we cannot allow our brand value to be diluted

wohh, wohh. You want to standout as smart individuals and all okay, but slide #5 in your presentation is quite contradictory to what you say you want to achieve or whatever. Here are the contradictory points
* Current students do not get recognized as cream
* Employers already perceive Anna University students as average
* Admissions to top tier universities are difficult (Now i can see why you want to brand CEG)
* Alumni job prospectus are getting difficult.
Had you been a smart individual beyond whatever the college you had studied (like you said), these things are the least you have to bother about, but since you base your branding opinion on this reason, i assume you aren’t as smart as you think.

Before you question about my opinion on CEG, i wish to clarify this. I have more friends who studied in CEG than the friends i have in my affiliated college.  so i know how cool CEG is. I’m quite familiar with how things work there and in fact i felt bad for almost two full years for missing out a 10 Mark question in Math and Physics.  But the problem is people like you, who blog under a closely related CEG domain, make your fellow college mates look like a jackass. So please, never ever write an article on a blog under that domain name. Not every one knows the truth.

I simply can’t resist posting this ‘Did i adequately answer your condescending question’ GIF

நீங்க செம காமெடி சார்!


மாண்பு மிகு ஆற்காட்டார் அமைச்சராக இருந்த போது தமிழகத்தின் மின் தேவை 2007-08 இல்  8969 MW, 2008-09 இல் 9459 MW [1]. ஆனால்  இந்த வரிடம் தேவை ஆனது 11,283 MW ஆகா உள்ளது [2]. பல பவர் ப்லாண்டிருக்கு IV போன மாணவர்களுக்கு தெரியும் ஒரு ப்லாண்டில் (generation) காபசிட்டி அதிகம் செய்ய எவாளவு வரிடம் ஆகும் என்று. இது மட்டும் இல்லாமல் நமது மின்தேவையில் காற்றளைகளுக்கு பெரும் பங்குண்டு, 2010-11 இல் காற்று வேகமாக அடிததுகு கலைங்கரோ அல்லது ஆற்காடரோ காரணம் இல்லை, அதே போல் இந்த வரிடம் காற்று அடிக்காமல் போனதுக்கு அம்மா காரணம் இல்லை.

நம்மால் முடித்த ஆலோசனைகளை அரசிற்கு அளிப்பதை விட்டுவிட்டு  எங்கள் ஆட்சியில் மழை பெய்தது உங்கள் ஆட்சியில் பெய்யவில்லை என்பதை போல் கேப்மரிதனமாக பேசுவது எப்படி இருக்கு என்றால் “முதலாம் ஆண்டிலிருந்து ரெண்டு ரெண்டு படத்தில் அரியர் வைத்த மாணவன், கடைசி வருடத்தில் பாடம் நடத்தினவர் சேரி இல்லை, அதனால் தான் நன் 15 அரியர் வைத்தேன் என்று சொல்வது போல இருக்கு.”

பொதுமக்களே சிந்திபீர்


Paper Presentation @ Drestein

Hello Mates, i’ve been busy for a while., Found an interesting topic to discuss, “Copyright Infrignment in paper presentations”, This has become a serious problem especially in tamil nadu which hosts more than 400 Engineering Colleges.Most of the Engineering College students are ruined by spoon feeding which is done by the management of those colleges.This spoon feeding could not be done by any one for research. So this makes the student to submit a paper done by some other person in some other country/state.

I’ll show you one of the examples, I’ve done a analysis of selected papers for the symposium conducted by a reputed college in chennai, you can find the analysis here

Who is the reason for this crime.. Management of pvt engineering colleges ? or Careless Students ? or Careless Staffs ?