Yes My work got plagiarized, Before going further i can blindly say that plagiarism is a global phenomenon but more often i find Indian people getting attached to it closely. Right from Ankit Fadia to some teen sitting in the dorm room copying articles by others and posting on his/her blog for gaining reputation among the masses.

We can attribute the boom of  Engineering education in Tamil Nadu to the mass plagiarism in the south. I, with the help of my friends had published a article on mass copyright infringement which happened in a technical symposium of a engineering college in Chennai. you can find the report here. The responsibility lies on the event organizer to cross check the received papers/articles for copyright infringement , however as  most of the  organizers themselves being a Asst.Prof doing Ph.D in Anna University who publishes plagiarized work for getting a Ph.D doesn’t bothers about plagiarism at the Under Graduate level. I wish to quote one of my friend’s comment on Anna university Ph.D’s

Ordinary persons like you and me will never be able to see the extra-ordinary intellectual capability of “THE” Anna Univ Phds 😛 U should be a Anna Univ Phd yourself to be able to recognize their immense contribution to research! 😛

Well said. OK enough rants, let me arrive at the point. The Research paper which my friend varun and i published at NIT-T [check out the computer science tab] and at packet storm got plagiarized by someone here. I’ve done a cross check and she seems to be 2o12 batch CS student from KLN college of Engineering, Madurai. I had just posted a comment on her blog.

Edit: The issue is resolved after having a conversation with that person

Peace 😀

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