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The Higher Education Bubble in Tamil Nadu

   Many people, particularly in TN don’t get a picture of the bubble which is all set to burst in few years. I’ll try to explain it in a simple way.

Time line of Tamil Nadu’s Higher Secondary Education:

Government Forms a committee to design a new challenging curriculum for 12th and 11th students and succeeds in designing one, For some reason the same Government thinks the curriculum is too hard for students and for few teachers too and then decides to scrap *most of the portions* of it. Then the government sets up a simple question paper for the final board exam with just one or two *twisted/thinkable/knowledge-based* questions. Then after few weeks the Govt., decides to give grace marks to those twisted questions in a result to beef up the pass percentage of students. In Parallel to this, the state approves a shit load of colleges under its mighty *Anna University*.

What the high scores in board exam means to parents of students from rural areas ?

The parents of those children from rural areas don’t think that the score which their child has got is a result of monopoly played by the Govt., [On a side note, most of the parents from urban areas too don’t realize it] according to them, their child has scored a good score in their higher secondary, so most of them decide to sell their *agriculture land, cattle, property*   etc to fund their children’s higher education.

What happens in Engineering Colleges?

*MOST* of those students who were pushed to be passed by the government find it next to impossible to clear their exams. And many students in the fear of thinking that they had taken a wrong decision and now that their family is in risk of losing everything they had earned till now sadly end up in taking choices like this, this and these. Other students who survived their 4 years of engineering life in a –not-so-worthy- college  obviously might not have got a good education [see teachers in college and their mindsets for clarification] end up either getting unemployed or taking up a M.E course at another –not-so-worthy-college and chose to be lecturers in engineering colleges.

Bubble Burst:

At a particular period of time, the elite professors in engineering institutions will be replaced by these students who failed to succeed thereby diluting the quality of teaching rapidly. And what if a mass IT recruiter didn’t turn up for recruitment for a year ?. How many investments made by those poor people are at risk ?. Can they repay their loans on property ?   Who is responsible for the miserable state of TN students ? You do not need to be a detective to figure it out. It’s the Govt., which rakes money from private engineering colleges as well as colleges owned by politicians, approves them and adds it to their Anna University affiliated colleges kitty, sets easy question papers, gives good marks to most of the students irrespective of the easy question paper and not so great answers thereby driving/manipulating them to invest in a engineering college. On other words, it’s all a fuckin  evil Plan laid out by the then Govt., which said it contributed a lot to the higher education reforms in the state.

My suggestion:

Readers need not mistake me for being a hypocrite over rural students on this issue, after all I’m not a urban student, I won’t say I’m a rural student either, I’m from this awesome town. I’m not generalizing that students from rural areas don’t perform well in engineering education, there are many bright students too; but this post focuses on those not-so-bright students.  My suggestion is to give quality-uniform education to all at the school level and based on competitive exams they should be given admissions in engineering colleges so that a deserving student gets his dream accomplished and a non-deserving students doesn’t ends up in losing his life and his family won’t get bankrupt.