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It is here, a service to report back how many times your friend changed his picture in Facebook. Thanks to my friend Naveen for changing his picture quite often which eventually gave birth to this tiny script.

import socket
import feedparser
#FB Notificiation RSS Parse
def fbParse():
cover = 0
profile = 0
fbFeed = feedparser.parse('_YOUR_FB_RSS_FEED_URL')
for post in fbFeed.entries:
view raw nktService hosted with ❤ by GitHub

An ideal way to do such tasks would be to put the graph API in use, but i wanted to roll out this feature in an hour since someone already complained about, him changing his picture frequently. It’s all about the timing, no?

This script uses your personal Facebook RSS Notification feed, from which items of interest are parsed. Since i didn’t want to bind my RSS Notification Feed URL in a program and distribute it to all, i made this as a client server program. The client can be a custom written one or a standard utility like netcat.

For more information on how to get this running, visit the repository.

Happy Hacking!